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After registration, you can access our free trial version for 30 days.

Note: Some premium features are not included in the trial package and will only be activated upon payment for your selected plan.

You will receive a notification via email when the trial package expires. Within 15 days from the date of the payment notification email, you need to make the payment for your chosen subscription. Otherwise, your account will be suspended.

The purpose of the annual package design is to save more for registered customers. In terms of functionality, the annual package has exactly the same features as the monthly package. In terms of price, when you choose the annual package, it will be more cost-effective than the monthly package. You only need to pay for 10 months of cycle fees to use the reserved software within 12 months (we give you 2 months of free use)

Absolutely not, our booking manage systems is based on Website platform and storage cloud. Within Internet you totally can use our booking magement software. You can optionly install the application on your Android/IOS phone/tablet to manage your store more conveniently.

We always try to avoid any incidents and use effective measures to secure your data. Vina's servers are stored in the best data centers and monitored 24/7. In addition, we regularly update the software with current security applications. We are committed to operating securely in accordance with our privacy policy. Read more Vina Booking's Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy.

Both options are viable. Vina allows you to upgrade your subscription quickly. Additionally, you may cancel or downgrade your subscription during your use of the service. For any package changes during service use, click on the 'Manage Packages' page from your Vina Booking's account.

We accept credit cards for payment of subscription fees. If you do not have the payment method listed above, please contact our customer support department for assistance.

Please click the chat button in the lower right corner of our page to have an instant chat with a customer service representative, or get in touch with us through the contact information listed on the contact page. Thanks.

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