Time is precious. We are provide automatic sale process solutions to save your and your customer time.

24/7 Reservation Platform
Did you know that 51% of reservations are made outside of business hours? Redirect online reservations from Instagram, Facebook, Line to your website and never miss a booking again. Customers can schedule appointments anytime they want through the website.
Event Ticketing Website
Organize classes, conferences, meetings, concerts, or any event on the website and easily sell tickets to attendees.
Professional Store Management Software
Our software integrates all the necessary features for you to manage your store effortlessly and quickly.
Manage Multiple Stores Simultaneously
All your stores will be managed by a single software.
Manage Multiple Employees Simultaneously
Maintain employee contact data in the software, manage the productivity and performance of each individual, configure personal work schedules, and view their work hours.
Detailed Analysis & Reports
Receive detailed revenue and performance analysis, make data-driven decisions for your business.
Store Management Dashboard
Store managers can manage, add, change, cancel appointments, set working hours, and view the revenue of all employees through their dashboard without contacting you.
Customer Dashboard
Grant permission to customers to manage, add, change, cancel their appointments through their dashboard without contacting you.
Employee Dashboard
Grant permission to employees to manage, add, change, cancel appointments, set working hours through their dashboard without contacting you.
Manage Your Store on Mobile
Store owners can fully manage their store with our management app using just their phone.
SMS and Email Notifications
Customers will receive SMS and email notifications immediately upon booking and before the appointment time, minimizing the chances of missing appointments.
Group Appointments
Appointments don't always have to be individual - Vina Booking also supports group reservations. Each service can have a minimum and maximum capacity.
Buffer Time
Configure buffer times, required before and after services, if employees need preparation or cleanup time.
Service and Event Photo Library
Upload multiple images for services and events to be displayed on the user interface of the website as a photo gallery/slideshow.
Support Additional Services
Configure additional services or special treatment methods offered along with a service, optionally increasing the service price.
Booking Time Limits
Configure the minimum required time before booking and before canceling. Depending on your business, set booking and cancellation time frames.
Two Booking Methods
Customers can self-schedule appointments through the website or in-store management, and employees can self-schedule through the admin panel in the store.
Employee Badges
Enhance your booking experience with customizable badges, adding professionalism and reinforcing your brand identity. These badges not only reflect your commitment to special services but also provide a quick and easy way for customers to identify and trust your dedicated team.
Recurring Events
With Vina Booking, you can organize recurring events and specify time frames for repeating events on one or more days.
Event Tickets
Gain a competitive edge in event management by customizing prices based on ticket type, capacity, etc., allowing you to attract more customers and optimize revenue.
Sync with Outlook Calendar
Employees can connect their Outlook calendar to synchronize Vina Booking appointments and events with their availability.
Provide easy directions to your store through the 'Directions' button on the website. Customers will be directed straight to Google Maps for your store's location.
Discount Codes
Create and track the use of discount codes - for all or specific services, with specific usage limits, fixed discount amounts, or percentages.
Service Packages
Encourage your customers to buy more by combining one or more services into a package appointment. You can set prices for the entire service package so that customers get a discount when purchasing a service package.
Manage Your Customer List
List your customers in a convenient list/grid view that can be easily filtered. Sort alphabetically or by last visit. You can always know which customers have used which services and how much they spent at your store.
Payment Summary Statistics
A single database for all payment transactions where you can check each payment status (completed or pending), total amount, discounts, and other information.
Customize Booking Interface Design
Choose colors and fonts for user interface elements to make registration controls match the preferences and brand style of your company.
GDPR Compliance
Vina Booking does not store any customer data according to GDPR. In the Vina Booking Customer Dashboard, your customers can access, manage, and delete their personal data at any time.
You can share rooms, equipment, cars, seats, or any other resources among employees. For your customers, Vina Booking will display available time slots, schedule appointments at their chosen time, and notify employees.
Time Zones
Vina Booking will automatically detect the time zone from your customer's computer and display locations in their time zone, while you can see locations in your time zone.
Zoom Integration
With just a few clicks, you can connect your Zoom account to Vina Booking . Now, your customers can schedule appointments and online events, simultaneously receiving a link to access them in notifications.
Google Meet Integration
Let your customers schedule online virtual meetings and book online events while receiving immediate confirmation and access links in notifications for Google Meet meetings.
Regular Appointments
Ensure that customers become your regulars by allowing them to schedule regular appointments. Choose to view your appointments as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly repeats. Maintain customer satisfaction regularly.
Customer Care
Send an email or SMS asking about their service experience at your store after they use your service. Send a reminder email for customers to come back after 15/30/45 days of service usage.
Sync with Work Calendars
Customers can connect their appointments to their Google, Apple, Microsoft, or Yahoo calendars. Never let them miss an appointment with you.
Custom Service Durations
Create multiple durations for a service and set prices for each service duration. When scheduling appointments, your customers can choose from pre-defined time slots as well as view prices and available time slots.
Shopping Cart
Enabling the shopping cart feature allows customers to book multiple services in one booking process. They can modify their choices by deleting or editing services and selecting different dates, times, employees, and locations (if applicable).
Tagging Absent Customers
If activated, absentee tags will identify customers who missed appointments, flagging them in the Appointment and Customer profiles. The color of the tag—grey, yellow, or red—reflects the frequency of missed appointments: once, twice, or three times or more.
Eliminate language barriers with our solution. Customers can choose their preferred language for scheduling appointments. Email/SMS appointment notifications are sent to customers in the language they choose.