Trial Policy

Latest updates: 01-12-2023

Our goal is to prioritize customer satisfaction and long-term relationships. To make it more convenient for customers to explore and determine if Vina Booking aligns with their usage needs, we offer a 30-day free trial policy

What is the 30 days trial policy?

When you have the need to use Vina appointment management software, please register for an account. After registration, you can access our 30-day free trial. 

Note: Some premium features are not included in the trial package and only become active upon selecting and paying for your chosen plan. You will receive a notification via email when your selected plan's trial period is about to expire. 

Within 15 days of receiving the payment notification email, you need to make the payment for your chosen plan following the instructions provided. 

Failure to pay will result in the suspension of your trial account, preventing access to the admin account for managing your store. After the 30-day period from the plan expiration date, the system will automatically delete all information on your store's website to ensure resources for the system.

If after the trial period, you feel that Vina Booking software is not suitable for your store, what should you do?

Although the our company trusts in the quality of the Vina Booking appointment management software and strives to develop it to meet all customer needs, if, after the trial period, you find that it doesn't meet your usage requirements, you are entirely free to disregard the payment notification email for your chosen plan without the need for any specific reason. The information you provided for your store will be automatically deleted 30 days after the plan expires, and you don't need to take any further action.